Kenneth Etta

Originally from Cameroon, West Africa, Kenneth Etta is the 2nd of seven children born in 1963 as a premature baby to Chief and Mrs. J.E Etta. From my early teens I was athletically inclined and remembered been fascinated by the physique of the legendary Charles Atlas. At the age of eleven I joined a strength feat team in my primary school, competed in track and feat meets and ventured into martial arts as well by the time I was in high school.

Though I grew up in a religious home, haven been baptized and quite involved in the ceremonial routines of my denomination I knew about Jesus but didn’t have a personal relationship with Him because I had never received Him. As a teenager I was quite a delinquent embroiled in disrespect for authority at home and at school. Also a taste for the nightlife as I approached my late teens only enabled a further disorientation of my academic goals. Growing up in a very religious society coupled with traditional believes and practices I had experiences of a spiritual nature inclusive of the reality of the return of the Lord Jesus something I realized I was not ready for. I also had encounters and experience with demonic spiritual entities which were equally frightful. At the age of 21, I was faced with the most daunting question of my existence which was ‘where do I go after death”.

Frightened by the reality of Jesus’ return and knowing I wasn’t ready to meet my maker, I ignorantly and self righteously convinced myself that I had to become a good person to be accepted by God and gain access to heaven. Thus began a twelve-month process of good works inclusive of regular church attendance, bible reading, prayer and changing my sinful ways to the best of my human ability. However, the end of a 12 month period only proved futile at which time I cried out to God for answers and a voice told me to go talk with a friend who would present the truth to me. That action led to my born again experience on March 13, 1985 in Cameroon.

In 1986 I moved to the U.S where I graduated from the University of Minnesota. While a student I was involved with campus outreaches and at one point was elected the student president of the local campus branch Chi alpha ministry. In 1988, I began outdoor/street preaching at my college and travelled south and west to other college campuses spreading the message of the gospel. In 1993, I began my competitive bodybuilding career in Minnesota and went on to win much local, state, regional and international contests. I rose to the professional ranks gaining a reputation as one of the most gifted and greatest natural bodybuilder of all time.

In 20001, I began an online monthly email teaching which has since been transitioned to my face book public (Kenneth Etta Ministries) and personal pages.

Simultaneously in 2001, I became involved with several strength feat evangelistic power team groups going into public schools, youth camps and prisons to inspire and motivate hope and a powerful sense of self worth to their God given potentials by making positive life choices and conducting evangelistic outreaches where I have literally seen hundreds of thousands of individuals and families receive Jesus.

As a minister of the gospel and word of God I have a passion for reaching the lost and raising up generations of believers in the message of God’s grace. As a fivefold new testament minister my calling is focused on equipping and establishing believers on the foundation of God’s Word till we all come to the fullness of the statue of the man Christ as we grow up into Him in all things so we can all function in maturity manifesting the glory of God in Christ to our world. Jesus said it is finished and it is truly finished. As believers we should be living out from the fullness of God in us and manifesting Gods amazing grace to a lost world as co-laborers with God in His harvest of nations.

With my repertoire as a retired pro lifetime naturally drug free bodybuilder I use my gift and talent as a speaker to inspire and motivate hope and a powerful sense of self worth and virtue to today’s youth and students in our schools. I challenge and encourage them to reach for their God created abilities, believe in their created worth and respect authority and others. Equally my lifetime experience in the fitness industry has been used as a tool to coach and guide individuals on their fitness goals and speaks to owners and employees of businesses and corporations on the merits of adhering to a lifestyle of fitness and wholesome wellness.